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What is the right necklace type to use? A choker or a long necklace, which one looks better?

Hello Fashionista,

What kind of necklace suits me the most? Can I wear this long necklace or not? I love this necklace, but I have no idea what I will wear it with.

This happens to many of us... these are several of the questions I ask myself when buying or choosing a necklace for my outfit. But we must choose our accessories along with the outfit, type of necklace, or even the color we will wear on each occasion.

I love long, striking necklaces and a beautiful choker where I feel like any imperial woman, but what goes with what?

Let's see what type of neck my shirt is and what kind of necklace suits better:

· Turtleneck: Long necklace to show it off and highlight it,

· Round Neck: Short necklace with some pendant.

· Square Neck: Angular necklace with a pendant looks very pretty.

· Holter Neck: A short necklace with a thin pendant.

· Strapless: A choker necklace looks very elegant.

· Off the shoulders: An asymmetrical collar combines very well.

· V-shaped collar: A V-shaped collar is suitable for cutting.

· Boat Neck: A long pearl necklace looks great.

· Sweetheart Type Neck: Short necklace with some pendant.

But what can we expect for 2023 in accessories for the neck, a multitude of metal chains of various sizes, achieving a set of layers in different styles and textures? Bold all in metals, large and striking rings, and bracelets that capture attention and achieve a conversation.



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