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Greetings and Welcome to our Lounge Blog! A new season… new trends and colors this FALL season.


We are already starting a new month, with this, a new season of Autumn and new trends and colors. It's my favorite season because it's when there's a change in the leaves and our clothes and the colors we wear.

The most used colors are brown, orange, yellow, and red. But in 2023, we could add more to our list. Among the most striking colors, magenta, wine, and cream or bone colors are more neutral. Olive green or a vibrant chartreuse green cannot be missing.

But what styles or trends will we see in fashion:

• Variety of reds from the most intense to the most passionate

• The peplums in blouses or jackets give a very feminine touch.

• Long skirts to the ankle are ideal with boots

• V-style tops, as well as blazer-style suits, give a vampire glamour.

• Suits with textures in sweaters, comfortable and ideal for cold nights

• Round neck tops showing a little cleavage

• Tops or sweaters with off the shoulders are ideal and very romantic for this time


Classically, we have checkered prints with different sizes and shades. And finally, the turtleneck tops.

Whether your style is more fashionable or more classic in the end is what makes you feel happy and most comfortable during this beautiful fall season.




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